Looking Forward

As Herefordshire celebrates 20 years as a Unitary Council we felt it was time to look at the future and talk about how to help Herefordshire thrive as a County. Please take the time to read this, and get in touch to help us shape Herefordshire’s future. Read more


To get search on your new website you need to sign up to Google Custom Search. It's a really simple process.

How to add Google Custom Search

To add Google Custom Search:

  1. Set up CSE for each MP subnation here: https://www.google.com/cse
  2. Use these options:
    Setup > Look and feel > Layout: choose full-width
    Setup > Look and feel > Theme: choose minimalist
  3. Save the widget code and copy the ID (it will look something like this: 017910559167023294292:ifuslmfiiqw)
  4. In your NationBuilder site, navigate to the /search page's settings (If your nation does not have a /search page, create one: type basic, published so that anyone can see
  5. Tag the page sys_search and sys_search_id_GOOGLE_CUSTOM_SEARCH_ENGINE_ID.  Make sure to separate those tags with a comma, so that they look like this: sys_search, sys_search_id_017910559167023294292:ifuslmfiiqw.
  6. Save the page.
  7. To disable Google search, remove the tag sys_search" from page "/search" 
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