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Newton Farm - Jacqui Carwardine



I was previously one of your councillors for the Belmont ward. I live in Newton Farm and went to school in South Wye. I work locally and served in the Army for ten years.

I want to continue to campaign for Newton farm and speak up for local residents. I want to stop the dangerous driving on Waterfield Road. I want to bring in 20mph speed limits and random speed checks to make the area safer.

If elected, i will:

  • fight for improvements to our roads. I have already had some success but the fight goes on!
  • support a Western by-pass to relieve traffic and queues on Belmont Road.
  • campaign to improve local services - grass cutting, libraries and litter collection have all suffered.

We deserve a better deal for Newton Farm from Newton Farm from Herefordshire Council and I will work to make sure we do.


Newton Farm Ward:

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