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Leominster West - Town Councillor -Clive Thomas


I went to school in Hereford and worked for the local ambulance service. I became superintendent of St. John Ambulance in Leominster and was invested as an officer in the Order of St. John.

I moved away for promotion but my daughter and family have lived here all their lives. I was a councillor in Stratford-upon-Avon for 16 years and also mayor. I know how councils work and how to make them listen.

Since moving back to Leominster, I have been struck by the state of Bargates and Baron Cross roads. They have been patched so much that water collects on the roads and doesn’t drain away. Road foundations have collapsed through lack of maintenance.

As a qualified paramedic, I believe that health services should be joined up - not fragmented. If all aspects of care, including mental health and social health, were combined, we could get a better service!

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